On-Site Search Engine Optimization

Having trouble finding your website in the Search Engines? If so, imagine how many more customers you could bring in if they could find your website!

There are literally 100's of technical tasks that can give you an edge over your competition and attract the Search Engines. Missing even one of these crucial steps can mean the difference between being on page 82 and page 1 of Google for keywords relevant to your business.

Here is a small sample of the tasks I can take care of to get you ranked in the Search Engines:

  • Title Tag Optimization: Titles are the most important on-page ranking factor.
  • Meta tags & Descriptions: Though not as useful as the once were, Meta tags can help.
  • Canonicalization: Using improper URL's can cause penalties from Google!
  • Robots.txt File: Help the SE's find the right files, and avoid the wrong ones.
  • HTML Optimization: Coding elements and references can cause serious problems!
  • Geo-Targeting: Have a local business? Target people around you to increase profits.
  • Sitemap creation: Give the Search Engines a roadmap to follow.

There are many more factors that play into the complex algorithms the Search Engines use to determine the best order to rank web pages for their results. I use a detailed, step-by-step system to ensure we'll leave no stone unturned on your website, which will boost and maintain high rankings.

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Over the years, Google and Yahoo! have improved their algorithms immensely. The biggest advancements have been to keep website owners from gaming the system by including 100's of instances of keywords on a page, for instance. The idea is that on-page optimization, can be easily manipulated. So, if put in the wrong hands, excessive on-page optimization can be severely penalized. Not only that, but many of the techniques spammers have employed over the years work well for getting rankings, but fail to hit the core objective: driving sales. Why? Because simply getting someone to your page doesn't make money, especially not if the user doesn't like what they see.

So, in order to combat these sneaky webmasters and provide truly relevant search results (and thus, continue increasing advertising revenue), the Search Engines gradually updated their algorithm to consider other websites voting for each other more important than on-site tactics. What does this all mean? Getting links from other websites (off-page optimization) is the best way to boost rankings by far! If your website has very few flaws, and you've given yourself the edge with on-site methods, then you combine all this with many relevant incoming links, your rankings will be fantastic!

Unfortunately, it's very difficult to acquire links, especially on a consistent basis. There are countless methods available, but they all require ongoing time and energy (or a LOT of money). That is, unless you take advantage of my SEO Management services.

Take a look at some of the ways I can build links for your website:

  • Article directories: Submit useful, short, on-topic articles to categorized websites.
  • Social Media: Gradually build credibility on Web 2.0 properties.
  • Press Release: Submit news items regarding your business to media outlets.
  • Video sharing: Create and submit helpful videos to popular sharing sites.
  • Social Bookmarking: Share unique content from your site on bookmarking sites.
  • Directory Submissions: Submit your website's information to large site directories.

The above tasks are just a few of the dozens of ways I can constantly increase your exposure, get more "votes" for your website in the SE ranking algorithms, and boost your traffic! On top of all that, I provide detailed reports of all link-building efforts on a regular basis. I can customize an SEO Management package just for you, so don't worry about content creation or cost. I'll show you what I can do, you tell me what you prefer, and I'll do it all on autopilot while you take care of your business.

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