I occasionally teach at local schools and Adult Education. I've created a page of resources for my various classes and students.

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While some business owners like to trust someone to handle their website for them, others enjoy learning how to build, maintain and optimize their virtual real estate themselves. If this is what you'd prefer, I can help you save money by teaching you how to manage your website.

After years of creating and optimizing 100's of web properties, I have developed the necessary skills, learned from countless mistakes, and found the best tools, services and software for running a highly-profitable website. If you'd like to skip that massive learning curve, I'd be glad to help.

These are the consulting and training services I offer:

  • Internet Marketing Consulting: Learn the tricks of the trade for online business.
  • Webmaster Training: Save money. Don't hire a webmaster when you can manage your own site.
  • SEM Consulting: The Search Engines can drive more sales, or drive you crazy. You decide.
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    The majority of the problems associated with launching and managing a website can be overcome with a few short training sessions. If you would rather handle your website yourself, you'll save a great deal of time and headaches with in-depth training catered to your needs. I offer customized 1-on-1 training with PDF and Video tutorials for permanent reference.

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    Creating a website without proper research can waste more time and money than avoiding the process entirely. Whether you already have a website, or you are thinking of building one, it is absolutely essential that you are targeting the right audience with your optimization efforts. Research is the foundation for any successful website.

    Here is how I can help you with Research:

    • Keyword Research: Find the right people, give them what they want, make more money.
    • Competitive Research: Learn from your competition to improve your site.

    If you don't have a firm grasp on the Research you've done, all of your traffic generation and optimization strategies will go to waste. I can work with you to find the best prospects and beat your competition with a suite of highly-developed research tools.

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    If you were to hire a webmaster to "manage" your website, you'd be paying a full salary and benefits just to have someone fix the random technical problems that arise. While some companies will do this for less, they're typically bogged down with dozens of clients, and move slowly. Sometimes it takes weeks to make a small change, and you'll have to explain what you want multiple times. This is NOT how website management should work.

    Instead, you should be able to email me what you'd like done, and have it completed within a couple days...without paying me a full-time salary or benefits.

    Here is how I can make managing your website easier:

    • Webmaster Tasks: I'll take care of adding and updating pages for you regularly.
    • Programming: Need more features? Let your site work harder for you (not vice versa).

    You're busy running your business. It's hard enough to keep things running smoothly in the "real World", so how can you be expected to manage the online realm that represents your business, too? If you're sick of messing with HTML, PHP and the steep website management learning curve, I'll manage everything for you.

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    Consulting Consulting: Overwhelmed with Internet Marketing? Nothing a little guidance couldn't fix.

    SEO SEO: Wish your site was showing up in the search engines? I can help.

    PPC PPC Advertising: Want visitors NOW? Pay Per Click is what you need..

    Optimization Optimization: Are you wasting money with every visitor? Without these 3 things you are!